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About TurtleBot

TurtleBot is a multi-purpose discord bot made by the one and only TurtleGamingFTW. It features Moderation, Utility, Music, Social, Economy, Animals, Fun, and Weeb commands for you anime lovers out there ^-^. Although TurtleBot is in its stable release right now, it is still far from complete. If you feel like you want a feature to the developer so that I can implement into the bot, feel free to do it using the suggest command, and I will try to add it to the bot as soon as I can. If you find any bugs, join my support server and leave it in the bugs channel

What does it have to offer?

Quality Music

Want to listen to some music? Play it using TurtleBot's play command which can search for songs or can play a link from YouTube.


Is someone acting up in your server? Mute them using TurtleBot! TurtleBot has moderation commands for all of your needs.


Need to look up the weather, but you're to lazy? Search the weather with TurtleBot's weather command. One of the many useful commands.

Meet the team


TurtleGamingFTW is the main developer/leader/founder of TurtleBot. He is the one who made TurtleBot and was able to get it to where it is at right now.

Coming Soon....